Here you can buy our ultra-compact miniature valves for highly integrated microfluidic systems to evaluate them for your application. Innovative actuator technology based on shape memory alloys ensures increased miniaturization of fluidic components and systems and a resulting high packing density.  

The Soft-Pumping Bundle
2,030.00 € 2,030.00 € 2030.0 EUR

Soft-Pumping Bundle with fluidic adapter (PEEK)
Let It Flow - Bundle
550.00 € 550.00 € 550.0 EUR

The Let It Flow - Bundle contains:
- 2x Normally closed microvalve - classic
- 1x PEEK adapter for distributing or merging liquids
- 1x Electronic control unit (programmable) to control two memetis NC valves
- 1x Bartels Mikrotechnik pump mp-liq
- 1x pump driver for memetis GUI
- Cables and a silicone tube
The Microvalve Bundle - Negative Pressure
418.00 € 418.00 € 418.0 EUR
The Microvalve Bundle contains:
2x normally closed microvalve - negative pressure
2x fluidic adapter
1x programmable electronic control unit
including cables and connectors
Chip Actuator Bundle - CA0408
400.00 € 400.00 € 400.0 EUR
The CA0408-Bundle contains:
- 2x Chip actuator CA0408
- 2x Small electronic control unit (ECU-S1)
- 2x Cables
Chip Actuator Bundle - CA2001
370.00 € 370.00 € 370.0 EUR
The CA2001-Bundle contains:
- 2x Chip actuator CA2001
- 2x Small electronic control unit (ECU-S1)
- 2x Cables

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