Here you can buy our ultra-compact miniature valves for highly integrated microfluidic systems to evaluate them for your application. Innovative actuator technology based on shape memory alloys ensures increased miniaturization of fluidic components and systems and a resulting high packing density.  

The Bestseller (Bundle)
283.00 € 283.00 € 283.0 EUR
The NC-evaluationkit contains:
2x NC-valve (Series09)
2x fluidic adapter
1x electronic control unit for two NC-valves
cables and connectors
The Energy Efficient (Bundle)
205.00 € 205.00 € 205.0 EUR
The energy efficient bundle contains:
1x bistable valve BV1101
1x fluidic adapter
1x electronic control unit for the bistable valve
cables and connectors
The Strong Trio (Bundle)
227.00 € 227.00 € 227.0 EUR
The Strong Trio (Bundle) contains:
- 1x Upstroke Actuator UA0204
- 1x In-Plane Actuator IP0301
- 1x Tilt-Actuator TA0301
The Big Test Set (Bundle)
671.00 € 671.00 € 671.0 EUR
The big test set contains:
- 2x NC-valve (Series09)
- 4x fluidic adapter
- 2x bistable valve BV1101
- 1x electronic control unit for up to two monostable memetis valves
- 2x electronic control unit for one bistable valve BV1101

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