The Soft-Pumping Bundle

  • Fluidic adapter material
  • Pump

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Multiple media perfusion

Mimic physiological conditions

Fast media switches

Adaptable to customer requirements

Small installation space

Pressure-driven flow

The Soft-Pumping Bundle is an application example for the use of memetis miniature valves in fluidic systems. The product can control four different fluids in a controlled manner through a microfluidic chip by using a 4i/1o-manifold. The product is particularly useful in life science applications where a continuous  and pulsation free flow of different fluids through a cell culture is required. 

The Soft-Pumping Bundle contains:

  • 2 x memetis Electrical Control Unit (ECU) + 4 x ECU cable + 2 x USB-cable

  • 4 x liquid reservoir with lid

  • 4 x open lid closure

  • 4 x sealing rings

  • 4 x lid incl. two threads for connectors

  • 4 x IDEX-connector for lid (fluid)

  • 4 x screw connector for lid (pressure)

  • 1 x pressure distributor

  • 5 x Luer-Adapters for pressure distributor

  • 1 x hose for compressed air (2m, OD 3mm) 

  • 1 x hose for fluid (2m, OD 1.6mm)

  • 1 x 4i/1o-manifold + 5 x IDEX-connector for hose + 4 memetis NC-valve series 09

  • 1 x frame components

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How it works

A pump is connected to the lids of the liquid containers via a pressure distributor to increase the pressure inside. Once the internal pressure exceeds the external pressure, the liquids flow through a tube to the 4i/1o-manifold. Four Normally-Closed (NC) valves (Series09) are mounted on the manifold and can be switched manually or via a graphical user interface. The liquid output of the manifold can now be connected to your experiment, such as a Lab-on-a-chip (not included in delivery), which requires a continuous flow of a nutrient medium.

 Download User Guide

Features of the programmable version

The electronic control unit (ECU) can be used to control the memetis valves. It has multiple features to ensure an easy start with the memetis miniature valves.

  • 2 output channels with measurement capabilities

  • Supports self-sensing and error detection

  • Fully programmable with USB and I2C

  • Easy-to-use Python library for USB and I2C communication

  • Serial protocol

  • Can be powered from PC/laptop or external wall plug

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Odoo • Image and Text

Graphical User Interface

To easily work with multiple ECU-P and change the settings of how to control the valves, we offer a free graphical user interface for download. 

Download the ECU-P Interface here:

Download for Windows

Download for macOS



For the biocompatible version of the 4i/1o-adapter we use a special 3D printing material. Due to the standard ISO10993-1 it is neither cytotoxic, nor mutagenic. 

For more information check the link below or contact our customer service.

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LEE Ventus Pump

The SPM-041 offers standalone high-precision pressure and vacuum regulation, benefiting from the pulsation-free output, wide dynamic range and rapid response speed of the pump.


3D cell culture*


Tissue Engineering*



Mimic in vivo cell culture


Long-term culture with defined shear stress 


 Custom applications

*note that no microfluidic chip for these applications is supplied with the device

If your are interested in further products or customized adaptations and solutions, please contact our customer service:

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