The Energy Efficient Bundle

  • Housing material
  • Membrane material
  • Fluidic adapter material
  • Hose connection
  • Electronic Control

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The energy efficient bundle contains:
1x bistable valve BV1101
1x fluidic adapter
1x electronic control unit for the bistable valve
cables and connectors

Housing material: PEEK
Membrane material: Silicone
Hose connection: LUER (Male)

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Delivery time is 14 days on availability.

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Please note: Due to material shortage, the delivery time is currently 10 to 12 weeks!
Please contact us for alternative wetted materials.        

The Energy Efficient Bundle contains:

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An ultra power-saving bistable microvalve with cables

The bistable valve only requires power for the switching between open and close - even battery operation is possible. The wetted materials are PEEK and silicone. 

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Choose your adapter - LUER or direct tube connection?

The valves are flange-mounted which means that you need an adapter to connect a tube. Choose between a 3D-printed adapter with male LUER fittings or a PEEK adapter to connect tubes directly. 

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Choose the valve controller - small or programmable?

With the small electronic control unit, you can simply switch the valve open or close by pressing the buttons. If you choose the programmable electronic control unit, there are many possibilities of switching the valve. Use the graphical user interface to do everything remotely or even program the switching order in Python. 

Why is our bistable valve especially energy-efficient?

The bistable valve BV1101 is included in "The Energy Efficient"-Bundle. It is in particular power saving because it only requires power to switch between the open and close state. Both positions can be held without requiring current. The switching takes 75mJ of power. Thereby even battery operation becomes possible.

See the scheme of our bistable valve in the picture on the right. The shape memory alloy actuators move the plunger in the middle to both positions (open and close).

Contact us for special requirements.

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The Graphical User Interface

If you chose the programmable electronic control unit, you can download our graphical user interface for free here. Open the application and simply connect the valve controller to your PC. The ECU-P interface will automatically detect the connected electronic control unit. 

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ECU-P Interface application to control memetis valves remotely.

Need help with installing the ECU-P Interface? 

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to install the ECU-P Interface on your PC. The application is suitable for all kinds of operating systems.


Working with Python

We offer a Python Library to control memetis ECU-P hardware. This guide will help you set up Python: Python Guide

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