Let It Flow - Bundle

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    The Let It Flow - Bundle contains:
    - 2x Normally closed microvalve - classic
    - 1x PEEK adapter for distributing or merging liquids
    - 1x Electronic control unit (programmable) to control two memetis NC valves
    - 1x Bartels Mikrotechnik pump mp-liq
    - 1x pump driver for memetis GUI
    - Cables and a silicone tube

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    The Let it flow - Bundle contains:

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

    Two normally-closed microvalves with adapter to control the flow path

    Choose which liquid flows through your system by switching the respective valve. You can either mix two liquids or choose in which vessel or microfluidic chip your liquid is flowing. 

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

    Electronic control unit to control microvalves with graphical user interface

    The electronic control unit allows for the easy control of two memetis microvalves. With the graphical user interface the valves can be conveniently controlled from the PC. 

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

    Bartels Mikrotechnik pump with pump driver, cables and silicone tube

    The Bartels Mikrotechnik pump pumps the liquid through your system. With the pump driver it can also be connected to the graphical user interface and controlled from the PC.

    The Graphical User Interface

    The Let it flow - Bundle contains a programmable control unit and a Bartels Mikrotechnik pump. Both hardware products can be controlled remotely with our graphical user interface - the ECU-P Interface. You can download the ECU-P Interface for free here. Open the application and simply connect the valve controller and the pump driver to your PC. The ECU-P Interface will automatically detect both connected devices and you can start testing.

    Odoo • A picture with a caption
    ECU-P Interface application to control memetis valves and the Bartels Mikrotechnik pump remotely.

    Need help with installing the ECU-P Interface?

    Watch this YouTube video to learn how to install the ECU-P Interface on your PC. The application is suitable for all kinds of operating systems.


    Working with Python

    We offer a Python Library to control memetis ECU-P hardware. This guide will help you set up Python: Python Guide

    Micropumps from Bartels Mikrotechnik

    The micropump from Bartels Mikrotechnik is a miniaturized double diaphragm pump. The pump is run by two piezo actuators.

    Due to a space- and energy-saving construction, the pump is cost-effective even in high quantities. The materials used, make the micropumps remarkably versatile. Variable flow rate adjustments guarantee a wide range of possible applications.

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