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ultracompact. lightweight. low-power.

Discover memetis microvalves

The number of Space Missions is steadily increasing. Many new applications are being explored and research in space brings new findings.
Fluidic systems play an important role in these missions, like cell cultivation in microgravity.

But how can fluidic systems be at their most compact and light-weight version? By simply choosing the smallest components available.
Microvalves are an integral part of fluidic systems as they allow us to choose whether fluid flows or not. Usually, microvalves are actuated by electromagnetic coils, so-called solenoid valves. As this actuator is mainly made of metal, the microvalves have a high weight.

But what alternative is there available to solenoid valves? We at memetis developed an innovative microvalve actuated by a flat-form shape memory alloy. The actuator hereby has a thickness of only 20µm, which makes the microvalve not only small but also light-weight. 

Microvalves with special features

memetis microvalves offer unique advantages
for space applications.

ultracompact size

5 x 20 x 8 mm3

low weight

0.7 grams

low power consumption

< 0.25 W



easy to sterilize

sterilization by autoclaving

robust design

low amount of parts and inert materials

low leakage

low leakage for liquids and gases

Where to use microvalves in space?

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Automated cell culture systems in microgravity

Testing cell cultivation in orbit for faster drug development or 3D cell cultivations for organoids, is made easier and costs less by using low-weight miniature valves. These can be  densely packed on a small space to manage various fluids. 

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Integrated fluidic systems for Life Sciences

Media-separated valve arrays to control fluidic systems for analyses and experiments. 

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Thruster valves for propulsion systems

By enabling a super low-weight gas supply for smallest propulsion systems in cube satellites, more space and weight for fuel or other components are available to achieve a longer run-time. 

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Latching valves for energy-saving applications

For more energy-savings our bistable valve is worth a look. It's almost as tiny as our normally-closed valve with only one pulse necessary to switch between the open and closed state. These two states can be held without any additional power. 

Our offer

Standard microvalves

  • Test bundles available
  •  Proven design and robust manufacturing
  • Mission-proven on ISS 
  •  100 % tested

Customized valve development

  •  Wide range of specifications
  • Feasibility studies
  • High manufacturing depth
  • First prototypes within weeks

Series production

  • From prototype to custom series production
  • Low and high volumes
  • Thorough quality control
  • On-time delivery

Microvalves on the International Space Station

Aboard a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket for a resupply mission, memetis valves were transported to the International Space Station inside a CubeLab. 

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Shape memory actuators

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memetis actuators enable new applications

The memetis shape memory alloy actuators enable high forces and large stroke in small dimensions. The actuators can be used for release mechanisms, thrusters, deployables, small sats or many more. 

DcubeD and memetis develop
a release actuator

In the scope of a ZIM funded project, called PAKKS, a pico actuator will be developed. The goal of PAKKS is to develop a resettable and testable release actuator to replace burn-wire and provide a reliable solution o deploy CubeSat and  PocketQube solar arrays, antennas, solar sails and radiators. 

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memetis and DcubeD team members kick off the joint, funded project