Microvalves and -actuators in space

Shape memory alloys have a high power density and can reach high forces and large stroke in small dimensions. memetis develops microvalves and -actuators that enable miniaturized systems. 

Discover memetis microvalves

Microvalves with special features

The memetis valves offer multiple advantages, especially for space applications. 

  • ultracompact size

  • low weight

  • non-explosive, inert materials like PEEK

  • can be sterilized

  • low internal volume

  • very low power consumption

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Microvalves on the International Space Station

Aboard a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket for a resupply mission, memetis valves were transported to the International Space Station inside a CubeLab. 

Shape memory actuators

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memetis actuators enable new applications

The memetis shape memory alloy actuators enable high forces and large stroke in small dimensions. The actuators can be used for release mechanisms, thrusters, deployables, small sats or many more. 

DcubeD and memetis develop
a release actuator

In the scope of a ZIM funded project, called PAKKS, a pico actuator will be developed. The goal of PAKKS is to develop a resettable and testable release actuator to replace burn-wire and provide a reliable solution o deploy CubeSat and  PocketQube solar arrays, antennas, solar sails and radiators. 

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memetis and DcubeD team members kick off the joint, funded project